Palm Touch Mute Pause. Or the story of totally meaningless advertising

by landonkerth

Take a look at this ad.


Specifically take a look at all the “features” that the Galaxy SIII has over the iPhone 5. Things like “Shareshot” and “Smart Stay” these meaningless words sometimes convey what they’re supposed too, like “Removable battery” while others seem a little murky like “Picture in picture” but the real cherry on the top of this sundae is “Palm Touch Mute Pause.” One has to wonder what could this magical feature called “Palm Touch Mute Pause” be? Does it mute playing music when you put your palm on the screen? Maybe when you touch the mute button on a call it also pauses the person you’re talking too mid-sentence? Is it a response to the unknowable question: “Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?” Maybe a unicorn springs from the 4.6″ 1280 x 720 HD Super Amoled™ screen, touches your palm, and suddenly you’re mute? Only Samsung and its awful marketing team truly know.

If a geek like me can’t make heads or tales of this drivel what makes Samsung think that the average consumer can? Is Samsung’s strategy here really: Give Apple the bare minimum of features then make shit up so our list is twice as long? If that’s the case no wonder Samsung is losing this war.

However this unknowable feature and the ad that goes with it truly puts into perspective the Apple vs Samsung debate. Apple markets with simplicity, Samsung markets with obscurity.